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Matman #34 Ultra Soft Youth Headgear

The Matman #34 Ultra Soft Youth, as you might imagine, is the softest and lightest headgear around! For people who haven’t used headgear before, it can be a bit uncomfortable and bothersome trying to jump straight to one of the more advanced models. Some can be difficult to adjust or hear out of, or simply feel too bulky to someone who is not used to it. The Ultra soft youth is entirely covered in fabric, giving it that comfy feel. It’s also easiest to adjust with just two Velcro-secured strap for the head, and a third to go under the chin. There are two protective cups preventing impact with the ears, each with three ventilation holes. The vent holes make it much easier to hear, and also keeps things cool.

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Royal Blue, Navy, Black, Yellow, Red, Dark Green
Material :
Soft Shell, Straps
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LowHigh Sound Clarity EasyHard Adjustability LowHigh Sweat Resistance NormalDeep Cup Profile EasyComplicated Easiness to Clean

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    What the WrestlingMart Team Says About The - Matman 34 DYNASTY Youth Headgear

    Joey P.'s picture

    Joey P.

    Customer Service Rockstar

    Simple to adjust and easy for beginner wrestlers to get accustom to wearing headgear. Ideal for youth wrestlers just starting off. Velcro strap for a quick and easy adjustment.

    Corey Griego's picture

    Corey Griego

    Corey Griego

    This is a great product for youth wrestlers because of how soft and comfortable it is with easily adjustable straps.

  • 28 Feb, 2017 Wrestler
    u u u u u

    Kids enjoy the headgear. It's comfortable and does not slide off.

    T 0
  • Question byBluerizzo
    on 08 Mar, 2016

    You are out of stock on the wrestling youth soft headgear. Are you going to be restocking? And if so, when?

    Dave Applegate's picture

    We just got more MatMan Ultrasoft Youth Headgear in today and will be posting it up on the website later this week. If you need the pair immediately, please give us a call at 888-887-8893 : )

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 14 Mar, 2016

    Bluerizzo question solvedSolved T 0
  • Question bycc
    on 10 Dec, 2015

    What is the head size in inches this will fit

    Dave Applegate's picture

    Measuring headgear is complicated because it relies on not just the circumference but your head shape as well. Some people like wearing their headgear slightly higher or lower depending on personal preference. That being said, 1000's of people have tried on our headgear in store and we have yet to have an adult not fit in an adult headgear and youth sizes are fairly liberal as well. If your son/daughter is under five, please give us a call at 888-887-8893 and we can talk you through your options.

    Answered by Dave Applegate on 11 Dec, 2015

    cc question solvedSolved T 0
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