MatMan Halo Headgear

: Pink

Product Information

Protect yourself and dominate on the mat with MatMan #32 Halo Headgear! Easily adjust the straps for a custom and comfortable fit, while the flexible plastic and soft padding offer ultimate protection. With exceptional sound clarity and a sleek design, you'll have complete awareness of your surroundings and opponents' moves. Plus, cleaning is a breeze with the smooth outer plastic. Get in the game and stay focused with MatMan!

Matman Two Strap Headgear- Old School Cool

The Matman Two Strap Headgear is the definition of old school wrestling headgears. If your dad, coach or granddad wrestled we are willing to bet they wore one of these bad boys. Composed of a very durable high-quality plastic, these ear guards were built to last. Constructed with two button plastic straps, it means that this headgear is perfect for easy, on the fly adjustments. Strapped down with a button closure, this also means that the Matman two strap is chin cup compatible. The two strap headgear is perfect for the wrestler who wants to reminisce in the good ole days, have the ultimate throwback look, or wants to be as menacing as Shute from Vision Quest. We have even heard it’s great for other grappling sports as well! However, these ear guards are relatively shallow around the ears, and are a pretty dated design, so if you’re looking for a comfortable headgear for all around, all the time wear this may not be the choice for you. It’s totally personal preference but it will still get the job done regardless, even if it does look like you stepped out of a portal from the 80’s.