Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear

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Product Information

Experience the ultimate in comfort and protection with the Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear®! Combining the best features from our top-selling ear guards, this uniquely engineered 3-Strap design ensures a secure fit for wrestlers. Don't settle for less, the future of headgear is here.


  • Soft yet protective closed cell FOAM, based on the revolutionary design of our original best-selling foam ear guard patented in 1958.
  • Features a super-light and pliable inner shell made from state-of-the-art materials for a stronger, lighter headgear that is built to last.
  • The Fusion Headgear® adjusts properly and snuggly in seconds with the “On-The-Fly” Strapping System™.  See our fit guide PDF for complete fitting instructions.
  • Sleek-profiled ear cups, providing enough room and protection for your ears to fit comfortably.
  • Cleans easily. Simply wipe your Fusion Headgear® clean in seconds with soap & water or anti-bacterial wipes.
  • One size. Can be adjusted to fit youth sizes too.
  • Chin strap pad included.

Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear: The best of best of both worlds

The Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear is the ultimate hybrid headgear that brings together all the best elements of Cliff Keen’s most innovative designs. For over 50 years, Cliff Keen Athletic has been on the cutting edge of headgear design, creating high-quality products that have stood the test of time. They have kept the old school classic look of the Signature headgear and combined it with the shape and strapping systems of the Tornado and the Twister to create a new, one-of-a-kind headgear that is comfortable, easy to adjust, and made to last.

The outer layer is made of a closed cell foam that is lightweight, durable, and provides a comfortable fit. Under the foam, there is a super lightweight, and highly-flexible inner shell that is designed to be stronger than other headgears that came before it. The unique shape of the shell was inspired for the Tornado headgear, which has the most ergonomic and form-fitting shape on the market. By combining that shape with the Signature style, Cliff Keen made the Fusion more low-profile and sleek looking. All the while, there is plenty of room for your big ears inside the ear cups, and they have five ventilation holes so you keep cool and can hear your coach yelling at you. There are also four extra holes in the outer foam shell to help sound get into the headgear and create better airflow.

Like everything on this headgear, the new strapping system has taken the old styles, mixed them up, and created something new and wonderful. Basically, they combined the four-strap system of the Tornado with the two-strap system of the Twister and created a new three-strap system for the Fusion. The top of the headgear has one thick strap that will stay in place and never fall into your face. The back of the headgear has two straps so you can adjust for a perfectly secure fit. All the straps are made of a durable, tightly woven synthetic fabric and are secured with a very strong Velcro. The Velcro is very handy because you can readjust at a moment’s notice, even in the middle of a match or practice. The chin strap is fastened with snap-on buttons on both sides and is also adjustable. For added comfort, there is a soft closed cell foam pad on the chin strap as well.

The future of wrestling headgear is here, and it’s the Cliff Keen Fusion! Cliff Keen is the biggest name in headgear for a reason: they’re constantly setting the bar for the competition. The Fusion headgear is a revolutionary design that brings together the amazing comfort and technology of modern headgear and blends it with the style and durability of the old-school headgear so many veteran wrestlers love.

Additional Details:
-    Soft and protective closed cell foam outer shell
-    Lightweight and pliable inner plastic shell
-    Velcro-secured “on-the-fly” strapping system for a quick and perfect fit
-    Low-profile ear cups for sleek look, with room inside for great protection
-    Can easily clean with anti-microbial wipes or soap and water
-    Fully adjustable, one size fits most. May fit some youth wrestlers
-    Chin strap pad included. Patent Pending