LDR Adult Extra Protection Headgear

: Red

LDR Headgear - The Tank of Wrestling Headgears

While some may scoff at the LDR’s unique design, or make crude headbutting jokes about it, the LDR Headgear is doing something that no other headgear brands are doing: creating innovative designs to help keep our sport safe. With added protection on the front and top of the head to help protect vital parts of the brain, the LDR Headgear is a great option to prevent concussions and to keep previously injured athletes safe. The LDR is also extremely durable - made out of a strong fabric straps, and their patented “ConTek” protective foam padding. The headgear is so strong in fact that it has passed the Major League Baseballs head impact test, and American Standard Mat Impact test. Who else is testing their headgears with the speed and power of baseballs? If anyone finds out who else is, please let us know. If a baseball AND a mat impact can’t get through this headgear, we don’t really know what else will. Not to mention the LDR Headgear already comes with its own chin cup to keep everything extra tight and locked down, with no extra cost required.