MatMan Adult Dynasty Headgear

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Product Information

Introducing the MatMan #35 Youth Dynasty Headgear - the perfect gear for daily grappling! Our easy-to-adjust straps provide maximum protection and comfort for boys and girls up to 100 lbs. or hat sizes 7 and up. The ultra soft neoprene material is both breathable and durable, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience every time. Get yours now!

Experience unbeatable comfort and protection on the mat with Matman's Dynasty Headgear. The easily adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit without removing the headgear, making it ideal for wrestling and daily grappling. Designed for teens and adults, our ultra soft neoprene headgear is both breathable and durable, with a soft exterior and a hard shell insert for maximum protection. Upgrade your gear with Matman.

Matman Dynasty Headgear- The Ear Guard to Launch Your Grappling Dynasty

Can you hear it? The sound of cheering fans adoring your gold medal match up on the biggest stage? The lights and cameras all on you? Your picture up in the middle of Time Square? Well, maybe the last one is a stretch, but the rest definitely isn’t! In order for your dynasty to be defined, it has to start with your first step, or should we say your first shot, and without the perfect headgear to accompany you, it would all be impossible. That’s where Matman steps in to give you the perfect jack-of-all-trades headgear: The Matman 35 Dynasty. Designing wrestling products for over 50 years, Matman has been one of the longest-lasting companies in the wrestling gear business, and their lives are devoted to it. It’s literally in their name! The 35 Dynasty ear guard by Matman is only the latest in their line of headgear, crafted to keep you safe while you embark on your wrestling journey. Advertised for beginner wrestlers, the Dynasty is perfect for anyone starting out, but also works great for even the most seasoned vets. Coming in a variety of colors, they’re easy to match with whatever organization you’re taking the mat for, and the ultra-soft foam provides for a comfortable wearing experience. Modeled from the infamous halo headgear of yesteryear, the dynasty's updated cloth construction makes it not only more comfortable, but also more flexible, which means no plastic snapping which plagued the original halo. Its simplicity and effectiveness paired with its ease of use allows for the dynasty to quickly be the do-it-all headgear that fits whatever your wrestling gear needs are. When it comes to keeping your ears rid of the shriveled looking affliction known as “cauliflower ear”, the Matman Dynasty does a fantastic job of making sure your ears stay perfectly healthy. With deeper ear cups than older designs, and a soft cloth lining, the Dynasty is extremely comfortable compared to other headgears that use plastic ear cups, and on top of that your future self will be able to use earbuds! Go you, on keeping those vital ears safe! Take it from a real-life cauliflower ear wearer here, you want to make sure you have a headgear that can keep up with the intensity of the life you live, so you may as well have the best. So, what are you waiting for? Put on the Matman Dynasty headgear and start creating your own dynasty today.