LDR Youth Extra Protection Headgear

: Blue

Youth LDR Headgear- A War Helmet Ready to Do Battle

In the world of youth sports, no sport, athlete, or concussion is all the same. Why should your headgear be any different? When almost all of the other headgears on the market are like a “one size fits all” concept, LDR changed this with their innovative and protective design. While the first rule of wrestling is to have fun, being safe is right up there with it, and when concussions can keep your athlete from having fun, the more protection the better. The unique headgear features added padding on the front and top to help prevent concussions, while also keeping the traditional earpads to keep away nasty cauliflower ear. If you’re looking to keep previous injuries safe, and to prevent future injuries, the LDR is your best bet. Built out of strong fabric straps, and their patented “ConTek” protective foam padding, there’s nothing else like it available. The LDR has even passed the Major League Baseball’s head impact test, and American Standard Mat Impact test. If a headgear can withstand a fastball and a mat slam, there isn’t much else that can hold it back. The LDR is the perfect headgear for any beginner wrestler or seasoned athlete, especially when it comes to the world of injuries – it’s better to prevent them before they happen.