WrestlingMart Strap Holder

: Black

WrestlingMart Strap Holder: Eliminate distractions and keep your headgear in place

Tired of that annoying front headgear strap falling in front of your eyes? The WrestlingMart Strap Holder is here to save the day! It is designed to keep your top two straps in place, above your forehead, so you can stay comfortable and focus on performing. Unruly headgear straps can be a huge annoyance for a couple of reasons. First, it’s very distracting to be constantly pushing the front strap up out of your face when you’re wrestling, and can give your opponent a slight advantage. You don’t want to be the guy or gal who has to call timeout to readjust each time you get into a collar tie and start hand fighting. Second, and equally important, you’ll probably look silly. At WrestlingMart, our motto is “if you look good, you wrestle good”. How can you expect to look good with poorly fitted headgear? The WrestlingMart Strap Holder is a small rubber attachment for your headgear with two slots made to fit the vinyl straps of the WrestlingMart Custom Throwback Headgear, or similar models. On the front, there is an imprint of the WrestlingMart logo. It’s highly durable and made to withstand the abuse of intense wrestling. This small yet crucial piece will help you get that perfect snug and secure fit you’re looking for, to keep your headgear and its straps in place, so you can go out and scrap without distractions.

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