WrestlingMart Hair Cap

: Red

WrestlingMart Haircap- A Hair Slicker That Lets You Keep Your Slick Hair

The wrestler with the botched haircut from their non-barber coach after weigh-ins, the wrestler mid match with their hair guard all in their face, or worst of all, the athlete who has to forfeit because their hair’s too long. WrestlingMart has seen it all and none of them help to grow our sport. To combat this we developed our very own licensed hair cover that is designed to not only look sleek, but allow you to keep your beloved locks. Built to last and made out of wicking material, it will help to keep your hair dry while going through whatever job you put it through. Complete with the ability to connect to your headgear, there should be zero problems with your headgear flying off mid match. Coming in multiple colors our caps allow you to match any color combo, or coordinate with your home team. So, before you decide to bite the bullet and give your hair the snip, give our wrestling-specific haircaps a try.