WrestlingMart Chin Cup

: Black

WrestlingMart Chin Cup- For When A Measly Strap Just Won’t Cut It

A chin cup is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a strap for your headgear that, well, cups your chin. What isn’t so self-explanatory is the feeling you get from strapping up a WrestlingMart chin cup for the first time. The feeling of security that comes with a well-adjusted headgear and chin cup that can only be matched by maybe your favorite blanket. Our branded chin cups are compatible with basically any company’s headgear that uses a strap with a button snap, and installation is extremely easy. Simply thread the end through your headgear or use the included plastic button to pop it into place. The wide durable plastic cup makes it comfortable for almost any wrestlers chin, no matter what shape or size. The chin cup comes in multiple colors to match (or mismatch) with your headgear and is completed with our classic WrestlingMart logo. Whether you’re joining in on the chin cup craze for comfort, style points, or a more secure headgear experience, it doesn’t get much better than the WrestlingMart chin cup.