Scraplife Defender Kneepad

: Black

Product Description

Get ready for ultimate protection with the Scraplife Defender Kneepad! By far, this is our best selling kneepad. Designed for maximum impact absorption and made with sweat-wicking, breathable fabric, this kneepad offers an ergonomic fit and extra soft brushed lining for added comfort. Its compression material and multi-layer padding provide the perfect combination of support and flexibility. Each package comes with 1 knee pad. Don't settle for anything less than the best!


  • Sold Individually
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry - NO HEAT!

ScrapLife Defender Kneepad- The Be-All End-All of your Kneepad Searches

Man, ScrapLife has done it again! With their brand-new ScrapLife Defender Kneepad, they’ve truly hit the ball out of the park. The Defender is as stylish as it is protective, and its durability to stand up to wear and tear is unmatched. Composed of a sweat-wicking, breathable fabric that will leave your leg dryer than the Sahara, the Defender is perfect for those long workouts where you need some extra protection. If you are someone who, no matter what they wear, sweats through everything, you can rest assured, as the ScrapLife Defender is easily machine washable. Simply toss in the washer to get out any gross wrestling smells or bad luck if you're the superstitious type. Trust us on this one, it's hard to be the best when no one wants to workout with you and your stinky knee pads.
When you’re training in a sport that requires lightning fast bouncing off of your knees, it's necessary to keep your body safe to perform at the highest level. With high levels of protection on, not only the front of the knee, but from the side as well, the Defender has it locked down from all angles. Perhaps the only thing more important than knee safety is style points; and the ScrapLife Defender checks all the boxes.

Coming in two classic colors, this pad has a thin profile design that looks slick and ready for competition. Other than when you’re bouncing off into your go-to shot, you’ll hardly even know it's there! With an extra-soft brush lining and compression fabric, the Defender will do just like its name and keep you safe while in ultimate comfort and style. If you plan to wrestle for any extended amount of time and knee pads aren’t your usual cup of tea, trust us when we say that your future self will be thanking the ScrapLife Defender.