SafeTGard Officials Whistle with Lanyard


Official Whistle: For coaches and referees who are tired of yelling at their wrestlers

It almost goes without saying, but having a great Official Whistle is one of the most important parts of running a successful practice, match or tournament. We all know at least one (okay, several) coaches who really just love to yell and end up sounding like a death-metal singer by the end of practice. If you’re going for that whole raspy-voice-tough-guy vibe, then by all means – keep doing you. For everyone else, there is a magical tool that commands attention: a whistle. A whistle is a small metal object that makes a loud, sharp sound when you blow it. Some would argue that it is even more effective that yelling things like “WRESTLE!” or “HEY!” or “STOP!” or “THAT’S AN ILLEGAL MOVE AND IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS!”. Don’t believe us? Go to literally any major sporting event like a wrestling match, soccer game, football game, volleyball match, etc. and you’ll see what we’re talking about. This Official Whistle is perfect for starting wrestling matches, stopping action when wrestlers go out of bounds, running conditioning drills, and marking the definitive end to a difficult practice. This whistle is great because it is highly durable with an extra thick gauge and metal construction. Very strong! It also create a clear, sharp tone that can be heard across the wrestling mat or gym. Since it is very small, this Official Whistle comes with a snap-on lanyard so you can wear it around your neck and never lose it. Pretty amazing, right? This is especially convenient for anyone who never learned to whistle with their lips or through their teeth as a kid. Now, even you can make loud whistle noises anytime you want – just don’t get too carried away.