MatMan #83 Doubleknit Nylon Singlet


Please note: this singlet is made to order. Please allow 3 extra days for production time.

: Black/Gold

Matman Doubleknit Nylon Singlets

Matman's #81 and #83 Doubleknit Nylon wrestling singlets are truly "throwback" singlets. As the name indicates, it's made of a heavy 100% nylon fabric. This is very different from the more common lycra singlets, which are made with a blend of polyester and spandex or nylon and spandex. The 100% nylon singlets have very little stretch compared to the singlets with spandex blended in the fabric. Some wrestlers prefer this "old school" singlet for the classic style and look. It's reminiscent of the days when Dan Gable ruled the mat, and singlets were commonly accompanied by knee-high socks or legging. This singlet is probably most commonly sought out by competitive weightlifters and cross-trainers.