MatMan #46 Neoprene Air Kneepad

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MatMan Neoprene Air Extra Protection Knee Pad: Designed to give full front and side knee protection

Knees take a beating in the sport of wrestling, as they work harder than most parts of the body. Protecting knees is imperative for all wrestlers. Knee pads like the Matman Air are the best way to protect knees. They absorb the blow when making that unstoppable takedown time and time again. This revolutionary kneepad provides superior protection for the patellar tibial areas of the knee, and additional padding for the medial and lateral regions as well. It offers improved ventilation, breathability, and moisture management. Its comfort zone back seam area combined with its contoured shape and ergonomic fit makes the Matman Neoprene Air the most comfortable knee pad on the mat. The Matman Neoprene Air from WrestlingMart is designed with additional support for the patella and medial and lateral regions of the knee. Matman uses the finest materials when manufacturing kneepads. WrestlingMart carries the entire line of Matman products.