MatMan #12Y Youth Hair Cover


Matman Youth Hair Cap: The premier hair cover for youth wrestlers

The Matman Youth Hair Cap is perfect for youth wrestlers who refuse to give up their long shaggy hair for the sake of wrestling. Whether it’s personal preference or fear of barbers, the decision to keep your hair long and flowing is totally cool with us. This hair cap is made of a stretchy and breathable Lycra material that will keep your hair safely tucked in and out of harm’s way while your wrestle. The Matman Youth Hair Cap is in compliance with the rule that requires the hair cover to be attached to the headgear. On either side, there are loops to thread your headgear’s chin strap through so that the hair cap stays in place and secured to your headgear the entire match. The design is standardized to fit all headgear models and can be worn either on top of or underneath the headgear. We know how frustrating, and even painful, it can be to have your hair pulled, twisted, and tangled while wrestling. Those days are over. Now you can have the best of both worlds: long hair and wrestling. Put the clippers down! While the vast majority of wrestlers who use this hair cap are girls, the Matman Youth Hair Cap is unisex and can be worn by boys as well. Coaches: if you’re getting a whole set for your team, you can even have your logo printed on these. For customization questions, please contact a Team Sales Representative by calling us at 888-887-8893 or email