Defense Peppermint Bar Soap


Defense Soap Peppermint Bar Description- Like Washing with a Candy Cane, but Less Sticky

If you’ve been around the wrestling world long enough, then odds are you’ve likely heard of Defense Soap. The convenient bar that has seen the showers of wrestling champions and newcomers alike. Defense Soap is a simple solution to a very complex problem: how to keep wrestlers clean, while still smelling great. Do you have your favorite vanilla almond sandalwood with a hint of mint body wash? Odds are, while it smells great, it doesn’t come close to killing all your post wrestling practice ick. Using hospital grade cleanser instead? These soaps probably smell less than pleasant and have enough chemicals to have you label reading for days. That’s where Defense Soap comes in. Built with the combat athlete in mind, Defense Soap includes everything you need to live the wrestler's lifestyle, and nothing you don't. Originally designed by problem solver and Ohio youth wrestling coach Guy Sako, Defense Soap was barred up as a solution to his athletes’ skin funk. While it's easy to teach kids how to dominate, apparently, it's a lot harder to keep them clean. Utilizing the anti-microbial properties of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, this magic soap contains less ingredients than you can count on your fingers, while still preventing any kind of germ infections. Evolving from the original recipe, the Defense Soap Peppermint Bar is FDA approved and includes all of the original ingredients with a hint of peppermint. This addition makes for a perfect lather along with a fresh scent and cooling effect for the skin. Perfect for dry cracked skin from ringworm, jock itch, athlete's foot, and even eczema, the peppermint edition is great for any combat athlete. Don’t have the skin funk yet? That's alright, because Defense Soap is also great at keeping the barrage of germs at bay before they ever take hold. Crafted right here in the USA, Defense Soap is perhaps one of the most necessary items of any wrestler’s needs, because like everyone knows, a good offense is a great Defense.