Defense Oatmeal Bar Soap


Defense Soap Oatmeal Bar Description- Steel Cut, Just Like You

Mmmmmmmm the fresh smell of some piping hot oatmeal in the morning! Can’t you smell it? That sweet homey smell of oatmeal that's just slightly nutty and reminds you of home on a cold winter morning. No? Maybe it's just us with the crazy oatmeal obsession. But, if you’re any kind of elite athlete you really should be looking into the beneficial properties of oatmeal. A power food designed to provide ample energy, it's great for a wrestler's diet. What many people don't know is how great it can be for your skin, and the wrestling hygienist gurus over at Defense Soap made sure to not forget it. Originally crafted up by youth wrestling coach Guy Sako in the wrestling powerhouse state of Ohio, Defense Soap was the answer to Guy’s prayers. While he was able to teach his kids the perfect power half, he couldn’t nail down how to keep his athletes from catching ringworm and other various mat nastiness. Merely looking to solve his everyday problem, Guy cooked up the first batch of Defense Soap, without knowing that his life would change forever. Utilizing the simple microbial properties of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, Mr. Sako created a soap that was so simple, but so effective, everyone had to have it. Defense Soap is now one of the leading soap brands for not just wrestlers, but all combat athletes all over the country. Producing their soap in batches of 75,000 bars at a time, the simple yet effective recipe not only defeats dreaded skin funk, but it prevents it from ever showing up too. This means that everyone can benefit from the all-natural ingredients of Defense Soap, whether you already have the dreaded red ring of death or not. This special bar with added oatmeal is the same recipe as every other Defense Soap bar with just the added ingredient of you guessed it, oatmeal. This addition provides for a perfect lather and a great smell that will leave everyone questioning if you’re actually even a wrestler. With no added sulfites, dyes, or fragrances, and triple milled for quality and longevity, Defense Soap will always have your back, as long as you can reach it that is. So, while oatmeal might not be your breakfast of choice, go ahead and give it a try for your skin at least, and don't forget the back scrubber.