Cliff Keen Youth Wraptor 2.0 Kneepad


Cliff Keen Wraptor 2.0 Kneepad:

The Cliff Keen Wraptor 2.0 is best of class when it comes to conventional style wrestling kneepads. It’s a Lycra-based kneepad, built for full-knee protection and total comfort, without any extra bulk to get in your way. What makes this kneepad so great is its ergonomic shape and anatomical wrap-around padding that provides protection from all angles. The Wraptor 2.0’s padding has five sections that are able to form perfectly to the center, sides, top and bottom of your knee. The slim padding is made for maximum impact absorption, to help prevent painful bruises and abrasions when taking shots and defending takedowns. In the past, kneepads that offered this much protection were incredibly thick and bulky, creating more of a nuisance and distraction than anything. The shape and structure of the Wraptor 2.0 also provides some lateral support, although it is not recommended to ever be used in place of a proper brace in the case of a knee injury. With reinforced flatlock stitching along the seams, it’s built for great durability. On the back, you’ll find a stretchy mesh panel with ventilation holes that will keep you cool and comfy throughout the entire match. Finally, the inside is lined with terry-loop fabric for moisture absorption and – once again – even more comfort. With its sleek profile and slim, comfortable fit, it will almost feel like you’re not wearing a kneepad at all! FEATURES: -    Sleek profile wrestling knee pad -    Stretch mesh panels on the back for a comfortable fit and ventilation -    Anatomical wrap-around padding for high-impact absorption and lateral support -    Air-vent holes supply added breathability -    Inner terry-loop fabric delivers maximum comfort and high moisture absorption -    Comfort flatlock stitching in contrasting white -    Sold individually -    One Year Manufacturer’s Defects Warranty -    Model: RK30 Size Circumference of Bent Knee: Small 11½" to 13½" Medium 13½" to 15½" Large 15½" to 17" XLarge 17" to 18½" 2XLarge 18½" and over