Cliff Keen Impact Kneepad

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Product Information

Experience unbeatable comfort and protection with the Cliff Keen Impact Kneepad! This top-seller features a patented ergonomic construction and anatomical compression-molded "bubble" for high-impact support and a perfect fit. Stay at the top of your game with the Impact™ Knee pad.


  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dry - NO HEAT!
  • One size fits most
  • All knee pads sold individually

Cliff Keen Impact Knee Pad- A Turtle Shell for Your Knees

The Cliff Keen Impact Knee Pad is one of the longest running knee pad designs available to protect wrestlers’ knees from the repetitive impact that high-level training can bring. Designed by the oldest wrestling company in the sport of modern wrestling and named after an absolute legend of the sport who invented the headgear, Cliff Keen has been keeping wrestlers safe since your grandpa wrestled. Whether you’re wrestling in the top and bottom position, bouncing off your knee on a blast double leg, or sprawling down on your opponent, your knees will thank you when you’re wearing a CK Impact Knee Pad. The Impact is perhaps the best-selling knee pad ever designed specifically for the sport of wrestling and that honor is rightfully earned by Cliff Keen. Designed with the combat sport athlete in mind, it is constructed from the highest performance materials available. With a patented ergonomic construction and a compression molded foam bubble, the Impact is extremely comfortable and protective. The turtle shell style foam pad fits to the kneecap and allows for support from all sides and angles while remaining firmly in place, ready for the next thing you throw at it. The lightweight and flexible compression sleeve that the pad is fixed to allows for complete mobility on the mat and will never hold you back from being able to give it your all. This means no more stiff knee pads or feeling like your leg can’t move the exact way you want it to! And, what makes the Impact even better than your average knee pad? It is completely machine washable! It seems like every wrestling team has at least one wrestler who hasn't washed their knee pads in the past three seasons, and no one wants to wrestle with the person wearing smelly knee pads. WrestlingMart doesn't want you to be that teammate, and neither do your teammates, so grab the Cliff Keen Impact while they’re in! With a multitude of colors to choose from, you can match your team, club, or practice buddy, and watch your wrestling game skyrocket without sacrificing your knees in the process.