Cliff Keen Gear Bag


Cliff Keen Gear Bag - The Tournament Ready Utility Bag

If you look up the word “durability” in the WrestlingMart thesaurus it is synonymous with the Cliff Keen Gear Bag. That’s because anything produced by Cliff Keen is made with the highest quality materials, but because there’s no such thing as the WrestlingMart thesaurus, we made that part up. A wrestling bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment to any traveling wrestler, so why not get one of the best ones available? The Cliff Keen Gear Bag is an adaptable bag that can fit your ever-changing gear that goes from the gym, to school, to home, and back again. Whether it’s carrying your shoes and headgear to the tournament, clothes for a trip, or your books to study, the Cliff Keen Gear Bag can fit it all. Topped with an easily accessible, and lighting quick synch clamp, this bag is easy to throw items in and go. One of the biggest sideliners in the sport of wrestling, next to injuries, is the spread of skin “funk”. The Cliff Keen Gear Bag has a large Velcro separator to keep your dirty clothes and shoes from infecting any of your clean items on the trip home. Also helping to prevent the dreaded funk is the large mesh panels that allow the bag to be extremely breathable and quick drying. The bag also features a closed zipper pouch on the front for added space and water bottle holders on the sides that can’t be found on any other brands same style of bag! The Cliff Keen Gear Bag is the ultimate crossroads - where function meets style.