Cliff Keen Flip-a-Score Scoreboard


Cliff Keen Scoreboard: low-tech, high-quality scorekeeping for wrestling

The Cliff Keen Wrestling Scoreboard is one of the most reliable scoreboards you can get your hands on. No confusing technology to deal with, no power required. The scoring cards are made of a thick, flexible plastic that is extremely durable and sure to outlast any other comparable scoreboard. Although, you might be hard pressed to find anything that’s “comparable”. The heavy plastic covers keep the cards protected while in storage, and open up to lay completely flat when it’s match time. One side is fitted with rubber suction cups so that the scoreboard can stay in place on the table, with the bottom half hanging down in front of the table. This allows for both the audience and the scoring table to see the score at all times. There are a total of five panel sections: two 5” cards on either side for red and green, both able to show scores from 0 to 99 points. The middle panel holds a 3” card and keeps track of the round or period. The bold green and red numbers stand out against the white background, so the score can be seen from anywhere in the gym or arena. The Scoreboard is perfect for smaller tournaments, dual meets, scrimmage matches, and even other intramural sports. Even if you already have some fancy new electronic scoreboards, it’s a good idea to keep a manual scoreboard handy for convenience or in case you run into technical difficulties. If you’re looking for a scoring system that is reliable, time-tested, and easy to use, pick up a Cliff Keen Scoreboard today!