Cliff Keen Beast Backpack


Cliff Keen Beast Backpack- They Don’t Call it The “Beast” for Nothing

We’re not going to lie, we were a little bit skeptical about this backpack when we first heard about it. You have to be pretty confident in your product to flat out name it the “Beast”, right? But once we got the Cliff Keen Beast Backpack in our hands, oh boy this thing is the real deal! It really is possibly the most multifunctional wrestling bag available. It’s made to keep up with the active lifestyle of any wrestler, whether it’s going to class, practice, duals, the airport, or carrying food, this minimalist and stylish bag can do it all! Unlike many other cinch wrestling bags, the Beast features a U-shaped zipper on the front, and a C-shaped zipper on the top (look closely and you’ll see what we mean). This ensures easy access to every part of the bag, while keeping all your items organized and locked down. It also features a flat bottom, waterproof lined pocket, waterproof internal pockets, a padded sleeve for laptops or tablets, and it complies with most airline carry-on policies. All that truly separates the Beast from the competition! If you’re wanting a backpack that can truly go everywhere imaginable and back with you, well then, the Cliff Keen Beast is here to get the job done.