Cliff Keen 2 Slot Strap Holder


CK Two Slot Strap Holder: The solution to straps that won’t stay in place

If you’ve ever worn the Cliff Keen Signature Headgear, you may have noticed that the top straps can have a tendency to shift around or even fall onto the forehead if not adjusted perfectly. For many years, wrestlers would simply use athletic tape to solve this issue. However, a recent change in middle school and high school rules made it illegal to tape or alter your equipment outside of the manufacturers intended use. Therefore, these little do-dads came about to help wrestlers keep their heargear fitting better. Preventing equipment malfunction is one concern with this rule. However, the main reason for this rule, relating to headgear, is avoiding skin infections. Tape is very porous, and when mixed with sweat in a close practice or match, it can be a very easily place for skin infections to hide out.