Adidas aK103 Reversible Kneepad

: Black-Grey

Adidas AK103 Reversible Kneepad- A First Class Double Legging Experience

Wrestling is as tough a sport as they come, and to be the best you have to train like the best. The thing is, training hard and training smart are two entirely different things. Sometimes the hardest workers are the ones who find themselves injured and hobbling around in their post-wrestling life. When you talk about wanting to have the best wrestling career possible, years down the line, the only way to achieve that goal is to take care of your body. In a sport where bouncing off your knees and repetitive collisions are common, injuries and wear and tear are bound to happen. That’s where the Adidas AK103 Reversible Kneepad comes into play. Designed to protect your knees through both competition and practice, this pad can handle absolutely everything you throw at it. Composed of a mesh material backed with EVA foam padding, the AK103 is extremely lightweight, breathable, and most importantly, durable. The pad is accommodating to almost any leg size, coming in multiple size ranges to fit any grapplers need. What’s more? This kneepad is reversible, essentially giving you a two for one deal, letting you switch up looks and colors. With the ability to be machine washable, you’ll be able to keep the AK103 smelling nice all year long while also keeping the skin funk at bay. Here at WrestlingMart, we know wrestlers are born with a “run through a brick wall” mentality, but in reality, your knees will be with you much longer than wrestling will. So please, take care of them with one of the best kneepads available, the Adidas AK103 Reversible Kneepad. Your future self will be glad you did.