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WM Grumpy Cat Singlet  sublimated front Hungry Kitty Singlet $59.99
WrestlingMart Camo Singlet  dark-green brown black main Green Camo Singlet $59.99
WrestlingMart Digital Navy Camo Singlet  blue black white main Navy Digital Camo Singlet $59.99
WrestlingMart Rasta Singlet  black green red main uuuuu(1)5 Rasta Singlet $59.99
CA USA 2017 Team Mens Singlet  red gold main CA USA Seal Singlet $49.99
CA USA 2017 Team Mens Singlet  blue gold main CA USA Seal Singlet $49.99
WM CA Republic Quake Singlet  red white main uuuuu(1)5 CA Republic Quake Singlet $59.99
WM CA Republic Quake Singlet  blue white main uuuuu(1)5 CA Republic Quake Singlet $59.99
T Bone Singlet  red white blue main TBone Singlet $59.99
WM Game Over Singlet  red black main Game Over Singlet $59.99
Wm Sentinel Singlet  red red white main uuuuu(1)5 Sentinel Singlet $59.99
Wm Sentinel Singlet  royal-blue blue white main uuuuu(1)5 Sentinel Singlet $59.99
WM Reactor Singlet  blue white main Reactor Singlet $59.99
WM Reactor Singlet  dark-red white main Reactor Singlet $59.99
WM USA Reversal Singlet  red navy main uuuuu(1)5 USA Breakdown Singlet $59.99
WrestlingMart Camo Singlet  red black main Camo Singlet $59.95
WrestlingMart Camo Singlet  blue black main Camo Singlet $59.95
CA USA 2018 Team Mens Singlet  red blue main uuuuu(2)5 CA USA Republic Singlet $59.99
CA USA 2018 Team Singlets  red blue main CA USA Republic Singlet Women $59.99
Deep Trouble Shark Wrestling Singlet  blue red main Deep Trouble Shark Wrestling Singlet $59.99
WrestlingMart Thunder Bold Singlet  red gold main Thunder Bolt Wrestling Singlet $59.99
CA USA 2017 Team Womens Singlet  red gold main CA USA Seal Singlet Womens $49.99
CA USA 2017 Team Womens Singlet  blue gold main CA USA Seal Singlet Womens $49.99

WrestlingMart Graphic Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

Ok, hang on, wait… “designed wrestling singlets”?? What? Yes. We admit it, it’s not a widely-adopted term for a category of wrestling singlets…yet. Rest assured, we are not intentionally trying to mislead or confuse you, or make up new terms to make ourselves look cool. We already look cool. The term “designed wrestling singlets” was the best thing we could come up with to define singlets that have a custom design element to them, usually using sublimation (but not necessarily), but are not made-to-order. They, essentially, are just super awesome looking stock singlets that required the delicate hands of graphic designers to turn spandex onesies into art. They don’t fall under the “fully custom sublimated” category because these are not custom templates that can be altered and customized for teams.

Most, if not all, of our designed wrestling singlets are made using a process called sublimation. Rather than selecting pre-dyed fabrics in different colors and then adding graphics, we start with a totally white fabric and use special printing machines - literally, it’s like an enormous color printer - to dye the entire color scheme and artwork deep into the fabric. After they’re printed, the singlets are cut from the roll of fabric and sewn together. Using this process opens up so many opportunities for us to get really creative with our designs. There are no limitations with regards to the number of colors or complexity of the artwork. If you’re not convinced, take a look at the Rasta Singlet. Another major benefit is that there will never be any cracking or fading, like you would see on a screen-printed singlet.

Over the years, we’ve been experimenting with different singlet designs and graphics, but still nothing has quite outshined the famous USA Eagle Singlet, one of our earliest designs. And hey, the USA Crest Singlet is pretty cool too. It was inspired by the 1996 Olympic wrestling team uniforms worn by legends like Kurt Angle, Bruce Baumgartner, Tom Brands, Kendall Cross, and Kenny Monday. USA! USA! … Of course, Cali never gets old either. We have California gear coming out of our ears at WrestlingMart, and we’re still making more! The California Flag Singlet and the California Beach Singlet are classics, but the Golden State singlet we’re most excited about is the all-new CA USA Wrestling 2017 Team Singlet. This singlet is being made for the young men and women heading off to Fargo to represent CA in the Cadet and Junior National Championships. The Digital Camo pattern is another new staple in our singlet lineup, and we don’t know how we ever got by without it. Of course, if you really want attention or want to cause a distraction, look no further than the Hungry Kitty Singlet. We’ve got dozens more new designs coming down the pipe, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a suggestion!

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments regarding designed wrestling singlets, please let us know by emailing or call 888-887-8893.

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