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WrestlingMart Brutal Cut Tee White Tan  white beige red main WrestlingMart Brutal Cut Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Spectrum Tee Black  black aqua-blue gold main WrestlingMart Spectrum Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart USA Wrestler Tee DkGrey Heather  dark-grey heather main WrestlingMart USA Wrestler Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Flying Squirrel Tee Royal  royal-blue main WrestlingMart Flying Squirrel Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Wrestling Dad Tee Black  black main WrestlinMart Wrestling Dad Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Grit Tee Khaki Green  khaki green main WrestlingMart Grit Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Throws Before Bows Tee Black  black main WrestlingMart Throws Before Bows Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Crafted Tee Heather Grey  heather grey main WrestlingMart Crafted Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Double Leg Sweatshirt Black  black main WrestlingMart Double Leg Sweatshirt $34.99
WrestlingMart Camp Bear Hug Tee  Forest Green  forest-green main WrestlingMart Camp Bear Hug Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart SuperDuck Tee Heather Grey  heather grey main WrestlingMart SuperDuck Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart No Guts No Gold Tee  DkHthrGrey  dark-grey heather front WrestlingMart No Guts No Gold Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Importanter Tee Black  black main WrestlingMart Importanter Tee $19.99
WM PROUD MOM VNeck Tee  black front WM PROUD MOM VNeck Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart American Wrestling Hoodie  black green front WrestlingMart American Wrestling Hoodie $39.99
WM Wrestler Blocks Tee Black White  black white main WM Wrestler Blocks Tee $19.99
WM American Wrestling Tee Grey Heather  grey heather main WM American Wrestling Tee $19.99
WM Double Leg Tee  black white main WM Double Leg Tee $19.99
WM Prayer Tee  black blue main WM Prayer Tee $19.99
WM Panda Tee  white black red main uuuuu(2)5 WM Panda Tee $19.99
Mr Grizzles Tee  scarlet white main uuuuu(2)5 Mr. Grizzles Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Wrestle Logo Tee  maroon white main uuuuu(1)5 WrestlingMart Equal Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart Champions Hustle Tee  black gold front WrestlingMart Champions Hustle Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart California Wrestling Bears T Shirt  black white red Black California Wrestling Bears T-Shirt $19.99
WrestlingMart Gable Quote Tee Shirt  black yellow main uuuuu(1)4 Gable Quote Tee $19.99
WM Wrestling MOM VNeck Tee  heather dark-grey hot-pink front WM Wrestling MOM VNeck Tee $19.99
Nike  grey white red main Nike USA Wrestling 3-D Logo $29.99
NK Youth USAWR Team Legend Training SS Tee  black gold main Nike Youth USAWrestling Tee $24.99
NK Womens USAWR Gym Vintage FZ Hoody  blue heather main Nike Womens USAWrestling Zip-Up Hoody $70.00
NK Mens USAWR Team Legend Trainin LS Tee  grey white black front Nike USAWrestling Training Long Sleeve Tee $34.99
NK Mens0 USAWR Team Game Day Polo  grey white front Nike USAWrestling Team Polo $49.99
NK Mens USAWR Club Fleece Pullover Hoody  heather grey main Nike Mens USAWR Pullover Hoody $49.99
WrestlingMart Flag Silhouette WLG Shirt  dark-grey heather front uuuuu(1)5 WrestlingMart Flag Silhouette WLG Shirt $19.99
Nike Team Training Hoodie  heather white main Nike Team Training Hoodie $54.99
Nike Training Tee  heather white main Nike Training Tee $26.99
Matman Stock Compression Top  dark-grey main Matman Compression Top $41.99
Matman Compression Top  dark-grey black main Matman Two Color Compression Top $45.99
Adidas Wrestling Tee HeatherGrey Blue  heather grey blue front Adidas Wrestling Tee $24.99
Nike  royal-blue white main Nike USA Wrestling Distressed Logo $29.99
WrestlingMart Champions Hustle Hoodie  black gold front uuuuu(1)5 WrestlingMart Champions Hustle Hoodie $39.99
WrestlingMart Youth Bullet Tee  black grey main WrestlingMart Youth Bullet Tee $19.99
WrestlingMart WMNation Flag Zipup LS Hoody  grey black main uuuuu(3)5 WrestlingMart Nation Zip up Hoody $39.99
WrestlingMart WMNation SweatShirt  grey black main uuuuu(2)5 WrestlingMart Nation Flag Sweatshirt $39.99

Finding the Right Wrestling Shirt

Here at WrestlingMart, we are steadily building a collection of only the best wrestling shirts and tanks for the toughest wrestlers around. Whatever style of shirt you need, we’ve got you covered, at least from the waist up. Like many wrestlers out there, we started to notice that all of our workout clothes are a random assortment of t-shirts from various tournaments over the years. Most of them aren’t the greatest quality, and they don’t tend to be shirts we want to wear for anything other than getting in a serious workout. To remedy this, we started making some new designs of high quality fabric and crisp printing.

We have three main types of tees, our ever-popular quote tees, design based graphic tees, and performance workout tees. The quote tees tend to have either funny or inspiring (sometimes both) quotes on the back, accompanied by our circle logo on the front. If you want to make a statement, do it with one of those. The graphic tees are our newest variety, and we are always excited about creating new designs. Our performance tees are made for when you’re training to be the best, and you need a shirt that will keep up with and keep you cool. 

Who knows tank tops better than Californians? At WrestlingMart, we are proud Californians. Maybe too proud at times, if that’s even possible. Since the sun is always out here in Orange County, we spend more time in tank tops than the average human. We made sure to get the most comfortable and stylish tanks for all of you who don’t mind showing off your hard-earned biceps when the sun comes out.

If you have any questions on any of our shirts or upper body apparel, please call us at 1-888-887-8893. 


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