WrestlingMart Headgear Replacement Straps

: Purple

WrestlingMart Replacement Straps: Customize any headgear instantly!

WrestlingMart’s Replacement Straps are now available to everyone, with or without new headgear to go with them. That’s right, you can order just the straps by themselves in any of the 10 colors they come in to match your school colors or just add some flavor to your earguards. It used to be that getting custom color straps meant ordering a whole new headgear set and then waiting at least a week or two for it to be assembled and shipped. Well, that has all changed. Sometimes all you need are new straps, not the entire earguard, so we decided to make it easier for everyone to simply order straps, switch them out, and boom! You’ve got custom headgear. These straps are made of a very durable vinyl and made to last. Keep in mind, the top and back straps are different lengths (the top ones are longer), don’t get them mixed up! Speaking of mixing – feel free to snag more than one color and do some mixing and matching. Who says headgear straps all need to be the same color? The WrestlingMart Replacement Straps were made to fit WrestlingMart’s new Custom Throwback Headgear, and are standard size, so they may also work with similar style headgear from other brands. But seriously, our headgear is the best, so you won’t need to worry about that. By the way, if you are looking for a new headgear with custom straps and ear cups click here to start customizing your own Throwback Headgear today!