WrestlingMart Chin Tube

: Black

WrestlingMart Chin Tube- The Comfortable Option to Free the Chin

For non-chin cup aficionados there’s not too many options out there that allow for a positive headgear experience. Velcro straps can scratch your neck, chin cups can’t suit everyone’s fancy, and the plastic straps on headgears just flat out aren’t comfortable. The WrestlingMart chin tube is here to save the day and solve any headgear comfort problems by allowing your chin to breathe freely without experiencing any digging or scratching on your neck. WrestlingMart’s chin tube stands out in that it comes in four different colors which allows you to better match your headgears set up. If you’ve already decided that chin cups definitely aren’t your thing, our chin tubes are the perfect alternative to prevent your headgear from slipping up your chin or grinding on your neck. While your headgear may not be able to directly affect the outcome of the match, a comfortable headgear can certainly make it more enjoyable. And everybody knows that when you look good, you wrestle great.