WrestlingMart Core Men's Singlet

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: Navy

WrestlingMart Standard Issue Singlet: Utilitarian Singlet with Unmatched Comfort and Quality

WrestlingMart’s Standard Issue Wrestling Singlet is not your average, run of the mill solid singlet. After many years of selling thousands of wrestling singlets to teams and individuals in California and across the U.S., we’ve gained valuable feedback and insight from our customers. We realized that the quality and attention to detail that most manufacturers offer in their basic solid singlets is simply not up to the standards that our customers deserve. So, we decided to make something better, and went to work redesigning the perfect singlet from scratch. Members of Team WrestlingMart spent months testing different fabrics, cut patterns, sizing, colors, stitching, and went into the nitty gritty to perfect every detail that makes up an ideal wrestling singlet. Prior to release, the Standard Issue singlet was tested by countless wrestlers with varying body types from “husky” to “skelator”. We’re proud to announce that this singlet has received rave reviews from everyone who has tried it.

Here’s the “deets”. The Standard Issue is made of a stretchy, breathable, and comfortable nylon/spandex Lycra blend. It’s lightweight, but we kept the fabric thick enough to keep its shape well without losing stretch. Between the fabric and the reinforced flatlock stitching, this baby has superior durability and is truly made to last. The shape and cut of the singlet around the shoulders, legs, and torso was specifically designed to be form-fitting to any body type without making you feel constricted or uncomfortable. The leggings are medium length so you have the option to either show off your chiseled thighs or keep them covered if you’re a little more traditional. The leg band has elastic on the inside to keep them in place, but don’t worry – we left out that annoying rubber gripper that rips out all your leg hairs. Seriously, whoever invented those should be blast doubled. WrestlingMart’s Standard Issue Wrestling Singlet gets the job done, and does it well… at a ridiculously low price. Go ahead, click “Add to Cart”, we dare you.