Tachikara Portable Scoreboard


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Tachikara Porta-Score Portable Flip Scoreboard

The Tachikara Porta-Score Portable Flip Scoreboard is the budget-friendly wrestling scoreboard that is an essential piece of every well-prepared coach’s toolkit. It’s extremely lightweight and folds up for compact storage, so it can be easily transported to any match or tournament, and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Even if you have other larger flip scoreboards or an electronic scoreboard, the Porta-Score can serve as a convenient backup in case you run into an unplanned shortage of scoreboards, or your digital scoring device malfunctions. You can conveniently just throw it in your bag whenever you’re on the road, and have peace of mind. It’s also great for impromptu wrestle-offs for the varsity spot, small dual meets or tournaments, and scrimmages where it may be inconvenient to set up other types of scoreboards. The Porta-Score keeps track of home and away points, displayed in big, bold red and green numbers that can be seen across the gym. It scores up to 99 points on both sides, and up to 9 rounds or periods on the center flip card. It’s 7 inches tall and 17 inches wide, and its casing unfolds to create a convenient pop-up stand so it can sit upright on top of a table. When it’s folded up for transport, there is a small carrying handle on top so you can simply grab-n-go.

-    Lightweight and folds flat for easy transport
-    7"H x 17"W.
-    Scores up to 99 points for home and away
-    Displays up to 9 rounds or periods
-    Folds up and snaps closed for easy transport
-    Bright, bold red and green numbers for great visibility
-    Simple button-snap assembly
-    Compact fold & carry handle