Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard


Size/Age: Adult-12 years and older

: Black-White

The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard offers both upper and lower protection, specifically designed for those with orthodontics. Made with medical grade silicone, it provides an instant fit without any boiling or cutting required. It meets all National and State High School rules and is also latex, BPA, and phthalate free. Trust in this professional, science-backed mouthguard for maximum comfort and protection.

Shock Doctor Dual Braces Mouthpiece- The Best Protection for Your Investment

While there are tons of alternatives available for wrestling gear, there’s simply no shopping around on a great mouth guard. While your wrestling career could last many years, it’s never going to outlast the life of your teeth, and when you’re watching after a clean set of braces, the utmost protection is needed. The Shock Doctor Dual Braces Mouthpiece is specifically designed to protect top and bottom braces while still allowing for maximum breathability. When it comes to wearing mouthpieces and having braces, only certain models are approved for competition. The Shock Doctor Mouthpiece is not only approved for matches and practice but is one of the most well-known and protective mouth guards available. The Shock Doctor is one of the most popular mouth guard designs available and has the ultimate protection for both you and your opponent. If we haven’t stressed it enough already we will now, please, for the sake of your braces, get a braces-specific mouth guard that will shield your investment. When you have to get one to be able to compete in the first place, why not get one of the best? They don’t call him the doctor for nothing.