Scraplife Ascend One

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: Black-White
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Elevate your wrestling game with the Scraplife Ascend One. Designed by olympians and world-class wrestlers, this shoe is equipped with advanced ventilation, stacked leather armor-zones for durability, and a reinforced sole-plate. Dominate the competition and conquer the mat with confidence in this technologically advanced shoe.

  • Sole Ventilation in inner sole to provide maximum comfort and breathability
  • Upper Ventilation allows for heat and moisture to be drawn away from foot
  • Wear-resistant Suede-grip Foxing Straps
  • Hallux Zone™ Sole-plate Design for maximum grip and durability
  • Dual Density ScrapLife™ Outsole
  • ScrapLife™ 360° Vamp Lace Loops to reduce slippage and discomfort
  • ScrapLife™ Inner-sock for full cushioning and maximum sensory input to the athlete
  • Stacked leather Armor-zones engineered for durability in high-contact toe area
  • Tongue Pocket and centering Lace Bar
  • Comes with black poly drawstring bag

ScrapLife Ascend One- Moon Shoes for Your Ascent to Greatness

The Ascend One is the inaugural wrestling shoe of the wrestling performance gear brand, ScrapLife. You may not have heard of the brand ScrapLife and they may not conjure up the same images in your head like when you hear “Nike'' or “Adidas”, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. That’s because ScrapLife is a wrestling exclusive brand made entirely for wrestlers, by wrestlers. Whether you are looking for a pair of super comfy joggers, a nice fitted t-shirt, or a brand-new pair of Ascend One’s, you can rest assured that the product you receive is tailored specifically for the lifestyle you live. Designed specifically to perform up to the highest level of competition, the ScrapLife Ascend One is a wrestling shoe with a futuristic design that could turn the wrestling shoe world upside down. Designed with an advanced ventilation system that allows for heat, moisture, and other nasty wrestling shoe smells to be sucked out of the shoe, your foot will always be happy in the Ascend One. There is even more ventilation provided by airways throughout the bottom of the sole, providing your foot's lungs even more oxygen! The ScrapLife patented dual-density outsole runs the full length of this boot and provides an insane amount of grip with its wave-like textured bottom and reinforced traction zones specified for those tough matches. Durability was ScrapLife’s ultimate goal in designing the upper of the Ascend One, and they blew it out of the water by using a mix of super strong materials. Utilizing a strong mesh for good breathability, paired with stacked leather armor zones to protect where other shoes would fall apart, and sealed off with a wear-resistant suede toe guard, this shoe could take on a Mack truck. Tied down with a unique lace-loop lacing system concealed with an effective lace guard, there isn't anything we don't love about the Ascend One. Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear under the bright lights of the championship finals or a pair of everyday shoes to beat up in the practice room, ScrapLife has you and your feet covered. With the Ascend One, you know you’ll be getting a wrestling shoe that will meet every need you could have on the mat. After all, what's a name like ScrapLife if the shoes aren’t made to Scrap.