Predicament Scorebook (1) 64 Page

52 team scoring pages with large scoring spaces for 15 individual matches on each page.

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Predicament Wrestling Scorebook: The Gold Standard for Wrestling Stat Keeping

The Predicament Wrestling Scorebook 4 (PSW4) is the most trusted scorebook used by wrestling coaches and statistics keepers. The PSW4 is the largest size available, with 164 pages in total. This size is most commonly used as the “master” scorebook, where all of the team’s stats can be centrally stored, all in one book. It comes complete with 5 different forms for keeping track of matches, dual meet and tournament scores by wrestler, season totals, and tournament placing. The PSW4 is also the most durable scorebook around, with durable and great-looking red poly covers on the front and back. Along the spine is a plastic, crush-proof spiral binding that will retain its shape no matter what you do to it. Seriously, we know it will be sat on, thrown, slammed, twisted, dropped, and generally subject to abuse. This book provides detailed instructions on scoring in accordance with the latest rules, to help get your scorekeepers up to speed quickly. The pages are 15 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall, so you’ll have plenty of space to fit all the necessary info. There so much room, they managed to fit all kinds of helpful forms that other scoring books don’t have, such as: detailed win-loss percentage charts for seeding, charts for referee information (name, city, rating), and a chart to store contact info of news media folks for when your wrestlers have their most dominant performances.

Here are some more details on the different forms:

Form B
Nobody knows what happened to Form A, so don’t ask. Form B is the main form scorekeepers will be using for recording matches as they happen at tournaments and dual meets. It has space for 15 wrestling matches per page, with 30 lines total, alternating between shaded and white backgrounds to differentiate home and away. It has lines where you can record info for both wrestlers, including name, grade, school, scoring for each period, starting position of each period, who had choice, injury time, blood time, riding time, overtime, tie breaker periods, match score and running team score. It also includes a symbol glossary so ensure that things are recorded correctly.

Form C
Form C is where you can summarize match information for each wrestler. Each page has 33 match summary lines, which can be populated with the information from Form B. It’s recommended to use two pages per wrestler to keep a well-organized summary of their matches throughout the season. This is where you’ll go when you need to make seeding decisions or look up stats for end of the year totals.

Form D
Form D is another type of summary page for each wrestler. This is where you can transfer totals from Form C into one line on Form D so you can have a summary overview of your stats for the entire team.

Form E
Form E is a spreadsheet format for summarizing up to 9 dual meets per page.
Form F
Form F will summarize team scores and wrestler placings in up to 4 tournaments per page.