Nike Fury

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Product Information

Experience comfort and performance like never before with Nike Fury. The flexible design and breathable upper ensure maximum comfort, while the lacing system keeps your laces secure. Get ready to conquer with ease.

Nike Fury, The Reimagined Classic

When we first heard of Nike releasing a shoe called the “Fury”, we were a little skeptical. Drawing inspiration from the success of the Nike Greco, the Nike Fury is a modern twist on the original Nike wrestling shoe. Helping toss people on their heads for years, the Greco was one of Nike’s best sellers, known for its traction, plush comfort, and bright colors. The new Fury is made for the wrestler of today who wants the best of both comfort and minimalism. The mid-top shoe is composed of a single-layer mesh upper to keep your feet completely dry, and helps to keep the shoe ultra-light. With suede overlays, reinforced suede toes, and integrated padding, the Fury is also extremely comfortable and durable. The perfect companion for forward pressure and shooting your opponent out of bounds. The mesh tongue is completed with Nike’s famous lace pocket that is both functional and stylish, allowing for no worries of loose shoes, or bulky straps. The bottoms on the Nike Fury are a familiar sight with the unisole design spotted on the likes of the Speedsweep line. The solid rubber sole allows the Fury to gain traction from every angle on the mat with absolutely no slipping. With the Fury’s minimalist design, and a plethora of colors to be rolled out, they can fit with any athletes’ colors or needs. The Nike Fury is truly designed to live up to its name, whether it’s dominating in the practice room, or performing on the mat, no doubts are left behind with this latest update from Nike.