Kennedy SPORT Cleanser-1gal

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Kennedy SPORT Hair and Body Cleanser: Aggressive on germs, gentle on hair and skin

Kennedy’s SPORT Hair and Body Cleanser is a powerful, anti-bacterial, all-in-one liquid soap for serious athletes who want to keep “the funk” away. It is a premium cleanser specifically designed for wrestling, which is perhaps the most demanding sport when it comes to personal hygiene. Of course, any athlete, male or female, who takes cleanliness seriously, can enjoy the benefits of this amazing hair and body cleanser. SPORT is a favorite among many top collegiate and high school wrestling teams, and for good reason: it gets the job done. Its formula is made to be aggressive and unforgiving towards nasty germs (from your smelly wrestling partner) while remaining gentle on the hair and skin, so it is perfectly safe for daily use after your grueling practices. Proper use of this magical cleanser will stop potential skin infections in their tracks, and eliminate odor-causing bacteria as well as other contaminants you may have come in contact with during practice or competition. Best Practices: This stuff is very concentrated; a little bit goes a long way. If you treat this like your everyday shampoo, you’ll be washing the bubbles out all day. For hair, it’s recommended to place a small amount in your palm (about the size of a quarter) while showering, work into the hair and scalp, then rinse. For use on the body, it’s best to apply the cleanser to a shower sponge or loofah and scrub everywhere you can reach. We know most wrestlers probably can’t reach their backs, so you may want to invest in one of those scrubbers with the long handle. Remember to SCRUB.