Kennedy Monster Mop Set - (1Mop/3Pads)


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Kennedy Monster Mop: The Largest and Most Durable Mop for Wrestling Mats

The Kennedy Monster Mop puts traditional mops to shame. It is the
largest microfiber mop on the market, made to clean your wrestling mats
faster than ever! This thing is huge - it’s a monster! It’s the only
6-foot-wide mop of its kind, with a stabilizing brace for a nice, even
clean with no dry spots. The base is made of a strong, yet lightweight,
aluminum for maximum durability and unmatched cleaning power. On the
bottom, there are Velcro strips for easily attaching the microfiber
pads. All you have to do to get started is slap on a microfiber pad to
the base, and push. You can put that old janitor-style mop away. You
won’t be swinging from side to side with this mop…unless you’re just
trying to get a great ab workout. We’d recommend sit ups or leg lifts
instead though. The mop pads can be used either wet or dry. If wet, we
recommend spraying the mat with Kennedy’s KenClean Mat Cleaner. The
Monster Mop handle is extra-long, so you can stand straight up and walk
comfortably while you clean. So, what happens when the pad gets dirty?
Lucky for you, the Monster Mop comes with three replacement microfiber
pads. Nice! Just switch it out and throw the dirty one(s) in the washing
machine. Please do not use bleach, fabric softener or drying sheets. If
you need more replacement mop pads, we sell those separately as well.
We also have double wide 12”x74” version for those really ambitious
coaches who want their mats extra clean.