Kennedy Mat Tape Remover - 1Gallon

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Kennedy Mat Tape Remover

Kennedy has been a household name in the wrestling world, and for
nearly as long as wrestling mats have been around, Kennedy has been
there to help clean them. While it may not be as glamorous as a fresh
new singlet or the latest wrestling shoes, Kennedy’s mat cleaning
products are a necessity for any wrestling program, or at home wrestling
mat. Their mat tape remover is a special blend of cleaning power that
helps to remove the grimy residue left over after a good tape job has
been undone. Underneath the mat tape, bacteria and other harmful germs
can begin to accumulate, all held in place with the tape residue like a
fly trap. Kennedy’s formula kills the bacteria and mold while removing
any residue, all without leaving behind any harsh smelling odors. Not to
mention that it’s safe for the planet and completely biodegradable!
Coming in two different size options, you won’t ever be forced to buy
more than you actually need, and with no dilution necessary, its ready
to go straight out of the bottle. When it comes to protecting the
largest organ on your body, and protecting your pricey investment,
nobody does it better than Kennedy.