Defense Body Wipes-40ct Canister


Defense Body Wipes: Does not replace showering, but it’s a close second place

Defense Body Wipes is an excellent way to safely and naturally
disinfect any exposed skin immediately after practice or competition,
especially when you can’t get to the shower right away. The solution in
the wipes is made from the same organic ingredients as the Defense Bar
Soap and Shower Gel, including Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils. This combo
of funk-fighting essential oils has been clinically proven to help
combat bacteria, viruses, and fungus that may be hiding out on your skin
after wrestling. These ingredients will also help deodorize your skin
(you’re welcome, wrestling moms) and restore your skin’s natural
barrier. The first two hours after a workout or match ends is the prime
window of time for germs sitting on your skin to develop, so it’s
critical to get as clean as you can within that time frame. We don’t
expect you to be sitting there with a stopwatch after every workout, so
here’s our pro tip: Shower or use body wipes BEFORE your sweat dries up.
When sweat is still coming out of your pores and your skin is damp,
contagions haven’t had a chance to really plant their “roots”, so it’s
the best time to get rid of them before there’s even a chance of getting
an infection. For best use, keep a can of Defense Body Wipes in your
wrestling bag or in the practice room so you can wipe yourself down as
soon as you step off the mat. In a tournament setting, you’re not likely
to be running off to the shower (if they even have one) after every
match, so keep some Body Wipes handy between matches when you’re looking
for the least awkward place to nap in the bleachers.