Defense Body Wipes-400ct Bucket

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Defense Soap Wipes Bucket- The Only Time Where Bottom of the Barrel is a Good Thing

The Defense Soap 400 count bucket of body wipes is an absolute must have for any wrestler, coach, mat club owner, or responsible wrestling guardian. While the phrase “bottom of the barrel” typically comes with negative connotations of having to settle for less, in the case of Defense Soap, it means so much more. Pulling out that 400th wipe of anti-microbial, all-natural goodness means that your wrestlers are staying clean with the highest rated hygienic product available to combat athletes. Designed to cater to the specific needs of wrestlers who are grappling against an army of wrestling germs, these wipes can save a team from an absolute ick catastrophe. Reaching the bottom of a Defense Soap barrel of wipes is a milestone of accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated! These wipes offered by Defense Soaps are just one of the many products from the only company solely dedicated to keeping your wrestlers safely on the mat. From humble beginnings, Defense Soap was created by youth wrestling coach Guy Sako as a simple soap bar to keep the “funk” away from his athletes. Using the anti-microbial properties of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, Defense Soap is 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients or fragrances. This no-nonsense cleaner is everything that you need to be able to perfect your craft on the mat, with nothing that you don’t. Hypoallergenic and soothing, Defense Soap is also perfect for athletes with allergies and skin conditions as it is a non-irritant. With the same ingredients as their well-loved soap bar, this portable version of Defense Soap is great for any team or athlete as it includes all the same protection from skin diseases like ringworm, MRSA, staph and more, but in a convenient wipe option. If you’re thinking that these wipes substitute as a shower then, you’d definitely be mistaken. While you still need to shower to guarantee the health and longevity of your season, these wipes are the solution for when you find yourself in a situation with a long drive after practices and matches. FDA approved, and perfect for preventing fungal infections at their start, Defense Soap will have you rest assured from head to toe. So, next time instead of hitting the showers in your rival team's locker room from the black lagoon, grab a Defense Wipe and hit the road instead.