Cliff Keen Scorebook


Cliff Keen Scorebook: Everything you need in one small, but complete scorebook

The Cliff Keen Wrestling Scorebook is one of the most preferred scorebooks for coaches and scorekeepers who need something complete, concise, and compact. It may be small, but it has everything you need for scoring matches and keeping track of statistics. It includes sheets for folkstyle, NCAA, and international style wrestling, and can track up to 17 weight classes. Each page has a complete and updated set of columns for scoring information, based on the latest rules. There are separate sheets for dual meets, tournaments, season summaries, and team scoring. Near the back there are several sample pages for tournament bracket pairing, including 8-man, 16-man, 16-man double elimination, 32-man double elimination, and international tournament. It also has a sample judge’s card and a page explaining international rules. To help you differentiate between your wrestler and the opponent, each row has an alternating background color so you can easily tell who’s who as you record the match. The thick back cover can provide a great writing surface, so you can use this scorebook wherever you go.


-    Complete, concise, compact with updated scoring info columns
-    Sheets for folkstyle and international wrestling
-    17 weight classes
-    Dual meets, tournaments, season summaries, team scoring
-    Dual background colors, alternating each row
-    Sample brackets pairing sheets for collegiate and international styles
-    Sample judge’s card
-    Cannon Sports model# 13035
-    International rules sheet
-    Thick back cover provides good writing surface