Cliff Keen 3 Inch Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape (1 Case/24 rolls)


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Product Information

  • Vinyl mat tape used for wrestling, grappling, MMA, and volleyball portable flooring.  
  • 8 mil thickness 
  • Each roll is 3" wide x 84'
  • 1 case includes 24 rolls 

3 Inches of Gorilla Strength To Hold Those Mats Together

Cliff Keen’s Gorilla Mat Tape is probably the most overlooked necessity to the sport of wrestling. Everyone dreams of the newest wrestling shoes coming out, designing their next team singlet, getting the coolest warmups, and custom headgear wraps, but who would ever dream of mat tape, right? Just imagine what our great sport would be like without all those strips of sticky tape. Mats would be sliding everywhere, kids would be getting hurt, and no one could play mat tape basketball at the end of a dual meet.

If you have to buy mat tape you might as well get one of the best, which is the Cliff Keen Gorilla 3” Mat Tape. The 3” variety is the perfect size and strength to provide the wrestling mats a snug, flush fit that will keep everyone safe throughout the tournament. When unrolling and applying the 8-mil thick PVC tape on the morning of tournament day, rest assured that the tape will still be there when its over. The 3” option is also best recommended for more temporary applications since it is slightly thinner in width.  A perfect choice for your clinics and one-day tournaments. WrestlingMart recommends that for the best results, you make sure the mats are well cleaned and dried before application. When putting the tape down there really is not any improper technique. Whether you choose the “tee shirt bear crawl”, or the “tight rope walker” method, you can’t go wrong keeping your mats together with the Cliff Keen Gorilla 3” Mat Tape.