Cliff Keen 4 Inch Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape (1 Case/18 rolls)


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Product Information

  • Vinyl mat tape used for wrestling, grappling, MMA, and volleyball portable flooring.  
  • 8 mil thickness 
  • Each roll is 4" wide x 84'
  • 1 case includes 18 rolls 

Cliff Keen's 4 Inch Mat Tape: Durable and Strong

Cliff Keen has been one of the longest brand names in the sport of wrestling and is considered by many to be an expert in the production of mat tape. The 4” version of the CK Gorilla Tape is the premier and highest performing mat tape available from Cliff Keen; and we like to think it’s just as strong as the name implies. To have the word “Gorilla” in your product name you’ve got to know that there is some “super-strength” involved when holding your mats together. We’re not saying that the 4” tape can lift the same as an actual gorilla (approximately 4,600 lbs.) but we’re not saying that it can’t either (most likely untested). The wider variety of tape provides a better grip on the mat allowing for a flush and secure hold that will keep your wrestling surfaces together regardless of what battles are happening on it. With the 4” option, you are likely to get a much longer lifespan for your tape job than the 3” variety which is thought to be more of a “temporary” application. For best results, we recommend that you use the 4” CK Gorilla Tape when making more “permanent” tapings such as in a wrestling room or for multi-day tournaments.  Its superior adhesive capabilities make it the obvious choice for these important tasks; and when it is removed it almost magically leaves none of the gross tape residue behind on the mats that coaches fear will occur.

When it comes to applying the Cliff Keen Gorilla Mat Tape, there really is no right or wrong way. Just ensure the mat is properly cleaned and dried before application. Every school and team have their own mat tape application traditions, so we wouldn’t want to mess up any rituals; but if Gorilla like strength is what your looking for, then look no further than the Cliff Keen Gorilla 4” Mat Tape and be sure to make it part of your tradition.