Cliff Keen Ankle Bands-Set of 2(Red/Green)


Cliff Keen Wrestling Referee Ankle Bands- Because No One Likes Trying to Figure Out Who is Who

No wrestling match is more frustrating to watch than when you can’t figure out which wrestler is which color, or when a referee makes the kid in the blue singlet red, and the one in the red singlet green - so don’t be that guy! The Cliff Keen Ankle Bands are made to help put that dilemma to an end. Made of a soft vinyl with Velcro clasps, the CK Ankle Bands are designed to outlast any other ankle band, while remaining easy to put on and take off. They are also washing machine safe and extremely hard to ever get stretched out or shrink. While we’ve heard that the bands tend to run on the shorter side, which makes it hard to fasten on wide ankles, it’s nothing an application on a singlet strap wouldn’t fix. Coming in packs of two of each color, you’ll be ready to referee a college match, or lend out a set at the local kids’ tournament when the other officials forget theirs.