Cliff Keen Signature Headgear

: Dark Green

CK Signature Headgear (Description)

The Cliff Keen Signature Headgear- A Piece of Headwear as Timeless as Apple Pie

The Cliff Keen Signature Headgear is as timeless as timeless gets. Patented by the man himself, Cliff Keen, this headgear has truly stood the test of time. How many people can say that they invented perhaps the best piece of sports gear ever created, on the first try? This headgear design is over sixty years old, has remained largely unchanged, and is STILL the best-selling wrestling ear guard of all time! Have you ever seen a football helmet from sixty years ago? Yeah, those definitely didn’t age well. Known for its classic appearance, the CK Signature Headgear is as slick as slick comes. With thin foam padding that is as minimal as it is effective, this ear guard is one of the most comfortable headgears available and is essentially frictionless against any mat surface. This smooth foam surface with four coated strap design allows for the CK to be able to be completely disinfected quickly and easily with no hassle needed (have you seen skin funk on hair? Trust us you don't want to). These four straps are completely adjustable and extremely durable, allowing for the signature to have one of the best headgear fits of any model. When done correctly, this ear guard is essentially impossible to slip off or break and its smoothness is guaranteed to improve your aerodynamics by 100%. Speaking of adjusting, if you are a first time Cliff Keen Signature Headgear buyer, make sure to do a quick search of the internet for how to properly fit the guard as it’ll save you a ton of frustration your first time around - you’ll thank us later. With hundreds of color combos to choose from, like crazy off the wall colors, to classic all white, there is a flavor for any wrestler's palette when it comes to the CK Signature. Here at WrestlingMart, we’re the wrestling gear experts, and we value not only your money, but your ears too. With the insane cost to fix some nasty cauliflower ear, save yourself, and your wallet, and get the best ear protection available: the one and only Cliff Keen Signature.