Cliff Keen Air Brace Kneepad

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Like the support added by the brace 💪🏽💪🏽

Cliff Keen Air Brace Kneepad: Orthopedic knee brace made for wrestling

The Cliff Keen Air Brace is a shock absorbing knee pad and a stabilizing knee brace rolled into one. Finding the right brace to wrestle in when recovering from a knee injury can be quite tricky. Traditional knee braces can offer great stability, but are usually extremely bulky, heavy, and lack sufficient padding. In addition, braces that have metal supports can be super annoying and even dangerous for opponents and workout partners. Kneepads, on the other hand, are great for preventing some injuries and are much lighter and less bulky. However, kneepads are not made to offer stability required for certain injuries, like strained ligaments. The Cliff Keen Air Brace offers the support that you’d expect from a traditional (heavy and bulky) brace, while providing the protection, mobility, and comfort of a kneepad. It is much lighter than normal braces, and does not have any metal parts.

In order to create the Air Brace, Cliff Keen assembled a team of innovators, including orthopedic surgeons, engineers, and coaches who spent several years coming up with this revolutionary design. The entire knee is protected on all sides, with the Air Brace’s unique triple-pad design. Inside each section of the brace are sealed rubber tubes that, as if by magic, dissipate shock in four directions to quickly absorb even the biggest impacts. Basically, when impact is made, air inside the tubes is dispersed and slowed through friction of the diametrically opposed inner ribbing of the tubes. Super simple, right? Cool.

Cliff Keen Air Brace Sizing, based on knee circumference measurement:

S – 13.5” to 15.5”
M – 15.5” to 17”
L – 17” to 18.5”
XL – 18.5” to 20”
2XL – 20” and up