Befour Soft Nylon Carry Case


Befour Soft-Shell Carry Case - A Practical Case, For Practical People

The Befour Portable Scale is the real deal and it should always be moved as such. While the soft carrying case is no Taj Mahal, sometimes that’s not what you need. Sometimes you need something dependable, simple, and practical to be able to quickly get the scale from the locker room, to the bus, and back, in one piece. The soft-shell carrying case does just that and clocks in at a very modest price point as well, compared to the hard-shell case. For protecting such an important investment, go with the ones who do it right and carry your scale in the Befour Soft Carry Case, before it’s too late.

-Soft-Sided Carry Case

-Padded nylon soft case

-Safely stores scale platform, readout console, and cables

-Great for storage, protection, and transport