Befour Heavy Duty Hard Case


Please note: the scale is not included with this Hard Case

This item cannot be Express Shipped

Befour Heavy Duty Hard Case- A Movie Worthy Transport Case

Expensive things have expensive cases and that’s just the way it goes. In movies you never see the “cool” guy carrying a million dollars in a cheap briefcase, they’re carrying it in the real deal. So why treat your scale any differently? When traveling with the Befour PS-6600 ST scale, you want to make sure it gets there safely and securely. The Befour hard-shell carry heavy duty hard case is the best option available to protect it from any spilling, sliding or dropping that can occur on that long bus ride to weigh ins. The case even includes a metal placard to be able to safely ship it! Kept safe by the help of double metal clamps, extremely hard plastic, and interior foam to keep everything locked in place; a safe couldn’t even protect this precise scale any better.

• Heavy duty hard case for added safety during transport

• Custom-cut foam interior protects scale

• Metal placard for shipping documents mounted on exterior