ASICS Women's Matblazer

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: White-Gold
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Elevate your wrestling game with the ASICS Women's Matblazer™. Designed exclusively for women, this lightweight shoe offers a snug fit and strategic airflow for unparalleled comfort. Its flexible outsole provides superior grip and support while the women's-specific last ensures midfoot stability. Stay focused and ready for any match.

ASICS Women’s Mat Blazer- The Forefront Wrestling Shoe of a Revolution

Beginning with the first world championships in 1987, where eight countries participated, no one anticipated women’s wrestling to be one of the fastest growing female sports in the world or an extremely competitive Olympic sport. In such a short time, from the first world championships in ‘87 and the first Olympic appearance in ‘04, women have shown that they have what it takes to succeed on the mat. While there's so much history to be proud of in women's wrestling, there truly is no better time to be a female grappler than at this very moment! Today, there are competitive high-level women's tournaments for all ages, multiple DI colleges sporting women’s wrestling teams, and an insane number of opportunities to grow within the sport. This growth is only getting bigger and bigger, considering that when the Team USA queen, Helen Maroulis, won the first USA women’s wrestling Olympic gold medal in 2016, the USA had only four Olympic medalists. During the 2020 Tokyo games, the Team USA women matched that with four more medals in one Olympic Games! The even crazier part is that they did all of that in wrestling shoes that were not designed for women, but ASICS is here to change that forever. With the brand-new ASICS Mat Blazer, the wrestling shoe world finally has its own shoe designed specifically for our sisters on the mat. Composed of materials that are extremely high quality, the boot features a durable rubber split sole that’s the perfect balance of both strong, rigid support and comfortable flexibility. This allows for grip from any position, whether you’re controlling the center of the mat on your feet or digging in your heels on a tight leg lace. The upper is made of an ultra-breathable mesh designed to let your foot breath at all times while not substituting durability since it is paired with a very strong synthetic midsole. Toward the top of the shoe is a spongy foam ankle support that allows for an extremely comfortable fit that will leave you never wanting to unlace your wrestling shoes. Considering that the ASICS lace pocket to conceal your laces is so effective anyways, you might be better off to just leave them on. Perhaps the best part of the ASICS Mat Blazer is its tailored specifically for women. From fresh colors and styling, to running in women's sizes (no longer having to find your men’s size), you’ll no longer have to compromise for the shoe you truly want. Whether you’re looking to try out your first pair of shoes for practice next week, or you’re representing women on the biggest stage in wrestling, the ASICS Mat Blazer is here to accompany you on every double leg of your journey.