ASICS Snapdown 3

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: White-Red-Blue
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Introducing the ASICS Snapdown 3, the ultimate wrestling shoe for middle school and intermediate competitors. With advanced airflow technology, improved foothold and fit, and superior traction on mat surfaces, this shoe is built to withstand the rigorous demands of the wrestling season. Dominate the mat with the Snapdown 3!

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these shoes are really good for wrestling i would recommend

ASICS Snapdown 3- Seemingly Ordinary, Shockingly Powerful

The ASICS Snapdown 3 is the third update to their Snapdown
wrestling shoe line. Described by ASICS as “designed for middle school
and intermediate wrestling competitors” we would argue that it is the
perfect shoe for any caliber of grappler. Of the ASICS wrestling shoe
line, the Snapdown sits above the Matflex which is the entry level
wrestling shoe (famously worn by Jordan Burroughs, proving that any
ASICS shoe is great!), and sits right below the higher priced advanced
level shoes. The Snapdown 3 is perfect for any entry level athlete who
is looking to give the sport of wrestling a try, someone looking for a
pair of training shoes to practice year-round in, or their new pair of
finals shoes - the Snapdown can do it all. If we had to put it into
simple terms of cars, the Snapdown 3 is not a Ferrari, but you’ll
definitely enjoy the ride. The shoe is built to withstand any rigorous
demands that you run it through whether you’re practicing twice a day,
or drilling a 1000 snapdowns, the Snapdown 3 will withstand it all. Made
of stitch-down overlays and mesh underlay side panels the Snapdown 3
has the most advanced airflow and breathability of any entry or
intermediate level shoe. The unique sewn in Kimono wrap-around tongue
helps to also provide a sock-like comfy fit without any bunching or
discomfort down the top of the foot. ASICS has updated their lace garage
system with an improved pocket that helps to keep laces comfortably
tucked for the duration of battle. The suede midsole that leads into the
rubber outsole is extremely durable and perfect for dragging your toes
without any rips or tears to worry about. The rubber outsole enables
better traction on any style of mat and provides ultimate power, drive,
and traction. It’s like off-roading tires on the bottom of your feet
with the full-length sole that wraps up the back and sides. The circular
grooves help to provide the ultimate stick when your foot is planted in
any position. Perhaps the best upgrade to the Snapdown 3 is the updated
colorways that bring a modern and advanced feel, to an intermediate
level shoe. With the updated appearance the Snapdown 3 can work for any
athletes taste and gets rid of the “beginner level” appearance, allowing
for complete confidence in your wrestling abilities. If you’re shopping
around for the perfect practice, competition, or grappling shoe, then
the Snapdown 3 is the perfect companion for your path down the world’s
greatest sport!