ASICS Snapdown 3 Wide

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Introducing the ASICS Snapdown 3 Wide, the perfect choice for middle school and intermediate wrestling competitors. Experience ultimate comfort and breathability with stitch down overlays and mesh underlays. The kimono tongue and shoelace garage provide a secure fit while the outsole's unique circular pattern maximizes traction. Dominate the mat with the SNAPDOWN™ 3 (Wide) wrestling shoe!

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ASICS Snapdown 3 Wide- The Ultimate Utilitarian Wid Workhorse Wrestling Shoe

Let’s say you’re at the car dealership looking to buy a brand-new
truck, you’re convinced that you can squeak by with a six-foot bed, but
the really nice and honest salesman tries to convince you that you need
the extra room with the eight-foot bed model. However, you go home with
the six-foot bed anyway only to realize the salesman was right and you
need that extra bit of wiggle room! On the mat you may be able to squeak
by with a conventional wrestling shoe not designed to accommodate a
wide foot, but you’ll never have the ultimate comfort that a properly
fitting shoe can provide. At WrestlingMart, we’re your trusty wrestling
shoe salesman and we’re here to tell you that if you have a wider than
average foot, you need the new ASICS Snapdown 3! Designed specifically
for the wider than average foot, this shoe is the perfect all-around
shoe for performance both in championship matches and in the practice
room. This mid-height shoe, made with a durable synthetic toe and heel
cap, provides excellent durability for those intense scrambles and toe
dragging takedowns, while a mesh constructed upper allows for so much
breathability, you’d think that you didn’t have on any shoes at all! The
bottoms of the Snapdown are a wraparound full sole made of an
aggressively grippy rubber that will let you run up a wall let alone
grab onto a wrestling mat. Designed with wrestling specific traction
pads, ASICS Snapdown has even more grip on the areas you need it most.
To close up the Snapdown the designers capped the boot off with a
convenient lace pocket that allows for a quick and easy place to tuck in
your laces. No more having to worry about your laces coming untied
right when you’re about to get that match securing takedown or reversal!
While it may not be the most glamorous or flashy of wrestling shoes on
the market, hard work hardly ever is. Coming in a few classic colorways
the ASICS Snapdown 3 lets your wrestling do the talking, and considering
your feet will love you more than ever, your wrestling ability will
only be upped! Whether you are scoping out your next pair of everyday
practice shoes, or looking for a pair of competition shoes, the ASICS
Snapdown 3 wide is number one in comfort and performance for anyone with
a wider foot!