ASICS Dan Gable EVO 3

: Black-Gold


Sneakily vintage in appearance, but futuristic in performance, the Dan Gable EVO 3 is the latest shoe in a long line of signature products from the greatest wrestler to ever live. Dating all the way back to the mid-80s, the Dan Gable signature shoe has taken many different life forms through its 40-year lifespan. In fact, no other athlete has had a wrestling shoe product evolve and last as long as Gable has. However, there is plenty of reason for Danny G to have earned this wrestling shoe honor, he’s the greatest wrestler the country has ever seen, arguably even the world. Amassing a collegiate record of 117-1 with two national titles, Dan Gable was a pioneer to what was possible in wrestling. Gable competed in freestyle after his career at Iowa State, which earned him an even more impressive list of victories including a world championship, a gold medal at the Tbilisi tournament, and a gold medal at the 1972 Olympics, where his opponents combined score against him was a whopping 0. Instead of riding off into the sunset with his gold medal, Dan decided to devote his life to the sport and spent the next 21 years as a coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes and the USA Olympic team, both reaching unprecedented peaks.

Commemorating the dominance shown at the 1972 Olympics, the new Dan Gable EVO 3’s look to provide you a little slice of Gable gold. Complete with Gable's signature on the ankle and the 1972 inscription on the back, the EVO is a shoe designed for champions. With a throwback style cut made of high-quality suede material, the latest EVO is both breathable and flexible, allowing for precise positioning on the mat. An added ankle cushion provides for an extremely comfortable fit that surpasses many other modern shoes without compromising the retro appeal that ASICS brings to the table. A true work of wrestling shoe art, the EVO 3 has been able to cement itself as the front runner of the pack, while implementing the style of its forefathers. The outsole of the ASICS Dan Gable EVO 3 completes the throwback aesthetic with a full sole design that remains flexible and grippy to allow for supreme traction on any mat surface. With the thin lightweight feel of a split sole and the traction like an aggressive tread heavy rubber, the Dan Gable EVO 3 is the best of both worlds for any wrestling shoe geek. A canvas insole enhances ground contact through the rubber sole that is completed with wrestling specific traction zones. These traction zones provide superb grip from any spot on the mat. Whether powering through double legs or upside down in scrambles, the EVO 3 will help you stand your ground. So, if it’s style points that you’re after while you’re out scoring your opponent, the EVO 3 may be perfect for you. Or maybe you’re an old soul who has a deep appreciation for where the sport came from. Or perhaps you're a Dan Gable super fan who knows that whatever product he puts his name on, you’re getting an over-the-top quality item. No matter who you are, when it comes to writing your own history, there's nothing better than the most historic wrestling figure and wrestling brand working together to bring you the last piece to your own wrestling story.